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about us

Devonshire Incense is some of the absolute finest in the world. Each and every stick painstakingly hand-crafted from start to finish by the Hershberger family, just as we have done since 1967. Our extraordinary process yields extraordinary results – Devonshire Incense burns with a slow, even smolder with each 11 inch stick lasting for an hour or more. Our fragrance is natural and clean with many individual tones and nuances to please the most sophisticated fragrance pallet, and our use of pure tree saps and resins gives our wands a shelf life of ten years or more.

organic ingredients

Our vegan bath soaps are made from certified organic olive oil and shea butter, and scented with natural essential oils. Our 4 ounce bars last about twice as long as most commercial bath bars.


We with to extend the deepest love and appreciation for all the support and kindness we have received.

Thank you and Blessed Be!

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